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brianmay's Journal

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Addicted to the Gov'nor
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Do you love Brian May?

Does the thought of his dark, curly hair make you melt?

Do you often have dreams invovling him,with or without clothing?

Do you love Brian May more than life itself sometimes?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then this community is for you.

"Why not Queen?" you ask. Simple. There's aleady a Queen community. Go there if you want. This is not a Queen community. It is a Brian May community. You can talk about Queen, if you'd like, but if that's your true passion, try this community: queenfreaks.

So if you love yourself some Brian Harold Fucking May, then join and swoon, post and drool, fantasize and be jolly.

I mean, hello! IT'S BRIAN FUCKING MAY!!!!!!!1111~~~

Created and Moderated by the Evil Twin Admin Team: celestialcure and unholyaltargirl

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